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Point Calculator for Skilled Migration Australia

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Visa Subclass   1-9

Which of the following subclasses are you applying for?

Skilled Independent Subclass 189:
Skilled Nominated Subclass 190:
Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489:

Age   2-9

Select your Age

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English Language Ability   3-9

How would you rate your English language ability?

Competent English
Proficient English:
Superior English:
Less than competent English:

Australian Educationl Qualification   4-9

Please select the appropriate option

Yes: Degree, diploma advanced diploma or trade qualification(s) taking at least 2 years of full-time study in Australia.

Qualifications   5-9

Select your highest Qualification?

Recognised PhD (Doctorate)
Recognised Bachelor degree or higher
Recognised Trade Qualification including
No Recognised Qualifications

Overseas Work Experience   6-9

Your Work Experience Outside Australia

8 Years or more
5 Years or more
3 Years or more
Less than 3 years

Australian Work Experience   7-9

Your Work Experience in Australia

8 Years or more
5 Years or more
3 Years or more
1 year or more
Less than 1 year

Partner Skills Qualifications   8-9

Please check the box if the following three options are true.

1. My partner is aged under 50
2. My partner has competent English ability
3. My partner can pass skills assessment in an occupation on the applicable Skilled Occupations List for my subclass.

Designated Language    9-9

Check if any one of the following Apply on you.

I am accredited as a para-professional interpreter or translator (level 2) by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters
No I am not

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